Coffee Art

Have you ever wondered how coffee art is created? Using coffee as a medium to make art is one the most fun to try, especially if you love coffee! Coffee art is easy and fun for all to try, not only does it look awesome when your done but it also smells amazing too.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 2 empty cups
  • 1 tsp of instant coffee
  • 1 tsp of hot water
  • You can use either watercolor paper, watercolor canvas, or just a regular canvas
  • pencil
  • Watercolor brushes or any type of brush you prefer (I like to use acrylic brushes sometimes)
  • paper towel
  • A reference or just an idea from your mind

First you’ll want to mix your instant coffee and hot water together in one of your cups. I suggested using instant coffee because from my experience it is the quickest way to achieve a high concentration of coffee. If you think your painting will need more “paint”, you can double or triple the amount as long as you keep the ratio of instant coffee and water the same.

Second, you are going to fill the second cup with water about halfway. You are going to use this cup to clean your brushes or dilute the coffee to give you a lighter color. After you are finished setting up your supplies, you are going to sketch out the outlines of what you want to paint. Take note of what you want your lightest and darkest areas to be.

Before you begin painting, on a separate sheet of paper, practice layering the coffee from light to dark. When you begin filling in your sketch, start off with a light wash by dipping your brush into the coffee followed by quickly dipping you brush into water; then lightly tap your brush onto your paper towel.

When you finish one layer let it dry before you apply another layer. Continue layering the coffee until you get the shade you desire. Be careful how dark you make your other layers, the coffee will reach a point where it can no longer darken further.

As you continue layering, remember to leave out any areas you want to stay white. If you accidentally paint over an area you don’t want, you can dampen your paper towel and quickly swipe over the area before it dries.

Depending on what you decided to paint, you can create a gradation by dipping your brush into your cup of water, lightly tap it on your paper towel, and then proceed to slowly blend the darker shade of coffee outward. This technique is also used to create shading. Painting with coffee is very similar to watercolor and watercolor techniques, if you have used watercolor before, you will catch on really quick.

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  1. Evelyn flutes

    I approve this message!👍🏻 And now I will go play with coffee ☕️

  2. Melissa

    Love it.. made me crave coffee!!😄

  3. Andrea

    This is such a cool medium to use!!!

  4. Angel

    Me encanta el arte. Tienes mucho talento Lorena.

  5. Mari

    Wow! Very nice!! I love it and it looks fun!

  6. Minerva Cuellar

    Love it…thanks for sharing! A great project for the kiddos!

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