Hello! I’m Lorena, the writer for The Fotofino Journal :). I’m also the main photographer and artist for fotofino.com. Every day I am inspired by all things created by God, including the plants, trees, flowers, the different types of landscapes, and creatures of all kinds. I also find inspiration from people, art, and music. I have been selling my artwork and photography services for 4 years now at farmer’s markets in south Texas, taking advertising photos for businesses, graduations, and other events. The world can be so beautiful and captivating that I have decided to start writing about my personal experience about all the things I find interesting and fun! I also plan on expanding the number of topics I discuss in my blog in the future.

If you have an interest in anything I’ve mentioned so far, I think you’ll be happy to find the topics I write about just as intriguing! You’ll be reading articles written from a different, refreshing perspective from someone in rural America. Feel free to contact me through email or social media if you have any questions or ideas!